Certified Relationship Coaching Program™️ Guarantee

The Certified Relationship Coaching Program™ (CRC™) is an action based program where you shall receive a comprehensive 160 hours of accelerator training in addition to Cindy and the HERO LADIES Teams’ highest level for support for 12 months.

With the CRC™ program, you are all set up for success. To demonstrate our confidence in our products, we are offering extended levels of assurance with multiple tiers of guarantees exclusively for our CRC™ customers, we want to ensure that as long as you follow through with the program and implement our methodologies shared, you will have nothing to lose!

Your only worry now would be on how to spend the new fortunes that you shall make, and this is how you shall be protected by joining the CRC™ program:

  • Activate your membership and go through the entire program. If you have not recouped in revenue your initial investment in 1 year.
  • Your support system shall be automatically extended for 6 months until you have recouped your initial investment

Since CRC™ is an action based program you must execute and implement all the new strategies and methodologies you have learnt from CRC™ to become eligible for the success guarantee that you have been admitted into at the time of enrolment. Do not worry though, we understand how busy your schedules are so you shall only need to follow these two simple steps:

  1. Complete the online training and the relevant coursework within six (6) months1
  2. Attended a minimum of 38 hours of the weekly coaching sessions hosted by Cindy or the HERO LADIES team, ensure to do at least two of these: introduce yourself to your cohorts, ask a relevant question or share a victory2
  3. Follow through with our methodologies, document and have records of all paid and/ or organic sales and marketing efforts on paid or organic from activation of your membership.

That’s all! Above all, we expect you and your team to proactively seek for help and assistance via the support channels available to you, make use of them as they are part of the CRC™ program.

If for some very strange reasons, you are unable to achieve any sales 1 year from the course commencing, you must contact us with the systems you have implemented as advised within the CRC™ program, Cindy and the HERO LADIES team shall review4 your strategies, daily activities, and campaigns so we can advise on an upgrade campaign where necessary for you to succeed.

  1. If you are not available for any of the online training due to work arrangements, you must complete the replays available to you in your membership platform. Thus, please do not reset your progress as that shall be reviewed to track your progress in the program. You shall also need to track your progress that includes all of the worksheets, promotion tracking sheets and other tools that are made available to you to be completed, your website must be tested to be fully functional and launched for your targeted markets.
  2. To ensure you are able to graduate with the certification within 6 months, if you are not available for any of the weekly coaching sessions due to work arrangements or time zone you must revisit a minimum of 38 hours of these sessions replay available in to you on your membership platform and email us at vip@heroladies.com at least two of these: introduce yourself to us, ask a relevant question or share a victory.
  3. If you find that the organic methods do not yield the necessary results by analysing the results on our template tracking sheet, you must either join our weekly coaching session or email us at vip@heroladies.com to make Cindy or the HERO LADIES team aware within six (6) months of enrolment so we may provide you with the necessary strategies to correct this.
  4. We shall review based on your progress in the program, your attendance of the weekly coaching sessions, the tracking of your promotion activities collectively
  5. You shall be eligible for the said support extension on your program attendance, progress and implementation of the methodologies as taught in the CRC™ program. Upon approval of your eligibility, the HERO LADIES team shall inform you and your eligible for an extended support shall be arranged.

**Unless otherwise stated all “$” signifies HK$ or Hong Kong Dollars 

**If you do not receive a response from the team within 36 hours, it is likely your mail have not reached us, please be persistent and reach out to your dedicated consultant or post in the private community

**If you were not able to submit your request within the said time frame, HERO LADIES reserves the right to disqualify your eligibility to participate in the guarantee tiers 

**In the case of any disputes, HERO LADIES reserves the right of final decision

**In case of any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail